52 thoughts on “Nap Cats

    • Hi Ron. Well it’s like this. The box looks too small for two kitties from the human perspective; but from the kitties’ perspective, they think it’s just the right size. They love that box. They think it’s the next best thing to a hammock. Spunk is lying on it as I type β€” the hammocks are occupied.

    • They were taking a break from a lick fest in this photo. I have a video of Spunk licking and licking and licking Silver’s head.

    • Hi Robin. Spunk, Silver and Loki have a “boy’s club”. They sleep together, lick each other and play together. The girl kitties, Najar, Sasha, Marble and Lola, are not bonded at all. The girls never sleep together, rarely lick each other, and their playing quickly turns into serious sparing. Spunk holds down Marble and licks her, but she turns into a fight before too long.

      • I could not handle 7 cats… you are a good man!
        My kittens are now 6 months old, Kairo and Greyson. They do everything together but sleep.

      • Six months old and “…do everything together but sleep” is all the information one needs to know you have your hands full.

      • I got a video of Spunk licking Silver that’s really cute. They have their boy’s club.

      • As you noticed, our kitties have a really tough life (hahahahaha). Kitties grooming themselves and each other is really entertaining. But then again, I find most of things kitties do entertaining.

      • Kitties are so much fun and their snuggling and purring is so relaxing and therapeutic. You might want to look for a good cat dealer. Although, I think cat dealers find you as apposed to you finding them. Although, if can buy fancy cats from breeders. Spunk, Silver, Loki and Marble came from our cat dealer, who has a talent for finding stray cats that we end up adopting. I got Najar at the City’s animal shelter, Lola was the neighbor’s cat who liked us better than our neighbors, so when they moved to New Zealand we ended up with Lola. Sasha came from a friend of a friend.

      • I’ve only had one cat, many years ago. A gray Persian a friend gave me, named Matheson because she found her as a kitten at Matheson Beach in South Miami. I am thinking about getting another, I have an adopted cat, a black and white who belongs to my neighbor, but likes to hang out in my yard and tease Tide (my dog). I think I would definitely try to get a homeless kitty, there are many out there. Have a beautiful day Timothy!

      • If you get a kitten, it and Tide should have a better chance of bonding than if you get a full grown kitty, unless you get one that was raised with dogs. Lola was raised with dogs, and she doesn’t get along with the other cats very well. We had to teach her a lot of cat-like behavior. She’s finally got purring down. For the first year we had her, her purring sounded like she was only firing on two cylinders. She’s finally got all eight cylinders purring.

    • Spunk, Silver and Loki have their boy’s club that excludes the girls. The boys sleep together and snuggle. Thanks, Julie.

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