In a Vacuum Improv


What to do on a cloudy, wet, windy, cold spring day? Work on music in my cosy darkroom/music studio, go for a walk out to the river in the rain, capture the above photo, and finish an improv for this post. I created “In a Vacuum Improv” by playing the rhythm guitar and a bass line over a recording I made of a vacuum pump the Iceman used to suck moisture out of the refrigeration system when he repaired our floral refrigerator. The pump made such interesting sounds and rhythms, I simply had to record it. I added a couple of percussion tracks, and played the lead guitar to finish it out. I say it’s an Improve, because I only played the lead guitar once through.

24 thoughts on “In a Vacuum Improv

  1. That’s a pretty impressive work you created on a day that has been just as you described it! Fun.
    Has the rain turned to snow at your place yet? Up here the flakes are pretty big, but the temperature is still a little above freezing.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I find it’s a fun challenge to take weird sounds and rhythms and see what can be done with them.

    • Steam Punk is a good description. I hadn’t thought of it as steam punk. Thanks, Ron.

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