Go North, Young Cranes


The cranes that stayed in Corrales over the winter have flown north. Now we are seeing some of the stragglers flying north from areas further south. Every once in a while a group of cranes will circle over our house to gain altitude before continuing north. Cranes that fly in close to sunset roost along the Rio Grande before they continue their journey north at sunrise.





19 thoughts on “Go North, Young Cranes

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It’s really fun that we have an atmospheric pressure above us that’s good for gaining altitude. That may have to do with why our property is in a cold pocket. The vultures often circle over our property to gain altitude when they are migrating, also.

  1. You know I love this last view of cranes for the year. It also reminds me that this is the day we are supposed to put out hummingbird feeders for those who will be migrating through. My summer-long Black chinned hummers don’t arrive until April, though.
    Thanks for these beautiful shots of the migrating-out cranes.

    • Hi Susan. We’ll think the are all gone as we don’t see them in the fields, along the river or hear them. Then all of a sudden we’ll here their familiar call and a group will fly over us. Sadly, they will soon be all gone.

  2. What beautiful photos of the north-migrating cranes, Tim. They know just what to do at the right time. All together too. Amazing!

    • Thanks, Juanita. They do know when it’s time to go north, unlike some of the Canadian geese that stay year round.

  3. Lovely photography shots, Tim.
    The Canada Geese have become all year residents over here. I’ve seen very few cranes, apart from way back in my angling days.

    • The cranes are beautiful in flight. When they are close, you can hear their wings squeak between the whooshes. Thanks, Maxim.

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