29 thoughts on “Yucca

    • Hi Lari. This is a open seed pod of a yucca plant. You probably have seen pictures of various varieties of yucca plants, and might recognize the whole plant. This type of yucca is only found in the USA and northern Mexico. The tropical yuca that you might see in brazil is called cassava, and looks nothing like this yucca. Cassava has edible roots. Have you eaten cassava root?

  1. I just have to marvel, admire and breathe a sigh of relief that nobody will give me a yucca seed pod, a camera and a book on image stacking today and ask me to recreate this!

    • HI Susan. One should use a tripod when making exposures for image stacking. The stacking process is easy, because software does the stacking for you. Therefore, the hardest part of doing hand held photos for image stacking is keeping the camera steady enough while you take the different shots through the range of focal points for the program to align the main subject in each shot. When the main subject does align well, the stacking process ghosts the parts of image that are outside the focal plane from the slight movements of the camera, and the ghosted lines disperse into abstract shapes in the background. Most of my attempts at hand held image stacking fail, but when they work, the results are always interesting.

  2. A lovely, unearthly effect. A meteor in the night sky and something alien growing in the desert springs to mind. One of my art teachers told If great art stimulates the imagination. Mine is certainly stimulated by this.

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