17 thoughts on “Battered Bollard in Blue

      • I had to look this up, Tim.
        A famous essay by H. L. Mencken, a renowned Baltimore journalist, satirist, and social critic of the American scene. Rhetorically his piece uses Juvenalian satire to lampoon the industrial blight of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, the nation’s leading industrial district in the 1920s.
        I’ve saved the link and will have a look later.

      • In Menken’s coverage of the Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925, he referred to fundamentalist Christians as morons, Neanderthals and such, and after that the idea that fundamentalists are backwater hicks stuck.

    • Bollard is an architectural term for short concrete and iron posts that are used for barriers. Ballards are often used to keep people from backing cars and trucks into structures and keeping vehicles off of walkways and things like that. Thanks, Resa.

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