17 thoughts on “Spider & Snake

  1. Wow!
    Cool post, Tim!
    I really enjoy the idea of being this close to nature. Maybe coming across a snake is a bit of an inconvenient… But I still think it’s more a good thing.
    I usually enjoy spiders, but was never lucky enough to see one feeding itself like this. Interesting. I would have watched it for long minutes.

    • Thanks, Lari. You have some dangerous snakes in Brazil, so snake encounters might not be much fun.

      • We do… But encounters might be pretty rare. We have a country house and we don’t usually see snakes there. It was more common years ago, when everything had less human interference. But still, nothing really dangerous like finding snakes inside the house, for exemple.

      • My cousins do tell me a story of a dangerous snake they had to kill near the country house cause it was trying to attack them and wouldn’t let them cross the road and get to home. They said it was a dangerous one, but i don’t remember which one. All the ones I saw there weren’t dangerous.

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