Preparations to Photograph the End of the World


How I solved a filter problem, test shots of close-ups of the sun with sunspots can be seen at

18 thoughts on “Preparations to Photograph the End of the World

  1. Great shots. I’m not a photographer, so don’t understand the technicalities, but I appreciate the results.

  2. That’s really interesting, I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of the wold lately, seems as though humans have inflicted too much damage on Mother Earth to be able to survive here for very much longer, maybe 50 years (if that even).

    It’s very evident in Canada, spring came 2 months early and the worst wildfire in Canadian history is happening now (along with hundred of other wildfires) and it’s only May.
    The weather has been so hot all previous temperature records have been broken (July and August like weather in March, April, and May).
    And there is no end in sight, the forecast is for a hot, dry summer, yikes, last year’s was intolerable with all the wildfires, smoke so thick it was choking, I can’t even imagine what this summer could be like, many are predicting temperatures as high as happen in India (unheard of for here, but it is looking as though it’s going to be that way unless the weather changes), even if it does, the drought from previous years will still be having the soil too dry to absorb the rain correctly.

    I don’t like to be doom and gloom like, but this is the harsh reality; perhaps, humans will learn from suffering the consequences of assaulting the earth for too long and change their toxic ways, and we will all survive after all, time will tell. This is my hope and I’m sticking to it, when faced with extinction (and losing their beloved cellphone and other gadgets) they might wake up and smell the putrid air.

    Even though the air appears healthy here now (since the smoke is not drifting this way yet), it’s not healthy, it’s full of radiation from the notorious Hanford Nuclear site in Washington (we are “downwinders” in most parts of lower BC. There’s hardly a person that does not have thyroid problems in this area. But where to move to? It’s polluted in one way or another everywhere.

    • Thanks, Genie! Life has so many perils and there are so many puzzles that seem impossible to solve.

      • True enough.

        One puzzle that I did figure out is why WP is no longer showing in my replies to comments (on other people’s blogs) in the “notifications” part of the page: I haven’t purchased any premium services this time, yup, WP really gives great service if one buys some of their premium services (which is absurd, because the only reason WP makes any money at all is from the bloggers, WP is nothing but a parasite that way, giving nothing unless one buys their premium services, (there is even a “happiness engineer” around all the time showing “how may we help you in a live chat option), which also shows up (with premium services) on the “notifications” page, but, I don’t want to add to their bulging coffers unless they start treating bloggers better who don’t buy any premium services.

      • I got frustrated with them because when I was paying for premium service, I wasn’t getting any better service than I currently get with the free service. Some say you get what you pay for, I found I didn’t get what I paid for with WP.

  3. That’s odd, I got over the top service with the premium services, but then, WP does know that I knew Matt when he first began WP (he used to answer all questions himself and dialogue back and forth till the issue/question was resolved) when the engineers found out that Matt and I go way back, it was then that I got the great service, now that I think about it.
    Geez, to think that one has to have an “in” by knowing a big shot (who was a nobody at the time!) is pathetic.

    • Thanks, Randall! The prep was fun because my wife and daughter were getting so much entertainment, and comic relief out of watching me trying jury rig those filters while they were writing final papers for their classes.

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