9 thoughts on “The Day the Film Died T – 2 Days

  1. I have boxes of slides in the attic. One of these days I’ll get round to transferring them onto the computer …

    • Hi Teagan! Here’s my reply to your comment on the blog:

      I was born at the October 1958 — I’m guessing the slide was taken in 1959, and definitely processed in 1959 because of the change in the slide mount.

      Kodachrome is very stable and archival, so the slides don’t fade, like Ektachrome slide film. Kodachrome film was complicated and expensive to manufacture and even more complicated and expensive to process, so only Kodak and few licensed labs around the world processed Kodachrome. Kodachrome film was basically the three Technicolor layers put onto one strip of film. It produced rich, crisp, vibrant colors that last. As you know, old movies filmed in Technicolor are very stable and well preserved.

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