6 thoughts on “Sasha Hearts Water

  1. Kitties and water faucets… almost as inseparable as kitties and paper bags!
    Crystal has such a big preference for drinking from the faucet that I leave a thin stream running much more often than I really should…
    Have a thriving Thursday! 🐱

    • HI Teagan! As I told Vanessa on the blog (we got spunk from her), Spunk and I have a morning ritual with the bathroom sink. When he hears me talking and singing to the birds when I uncover them in the morning, he waits on the edge of the bathroom sink for me to bring the birds’ water dishes to wash and fill them. I peak around the corner and say “Spunk” and he meows back and gets all excited. He plays in the water while I wash and fill the water bowls and then I leave a stream of water for him which he continues to play with and drink from. Then I turn it off when he’s done. It’s really cute, and he get’s all depressed if I change order of things or use the kitchen sink to do the bird water.

      • What an adorable story, Tim. My cats have been amazingly determined to keep me on whatever schedules they came up with. They really seem to have a deep need for it.
        I hate to break it to Crystal, but if we ever get back to the desert, I’ll have to be less generous with leaving the trickle running for her while I’m home (I shut it off when I leave the house). She’ll need more of a schedule! 🙂

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