René Our Eclectus Parrot

Tristan is trying to raise money to help pay for René’s treatments at tandrene

Tristan with René our Eclectus Parrot.

Eclectus Parrots are very susceptible to hepatitis and poor René has had a bout with hepatitis.  If you can contribute, René and Tristan would appreciate it very much.

René has made lots of appearances on POTDE over the past few years. You can see old posts on René, the Eclectus Parrot formerly known as Joey, at in POTDE archives:

When we first got René:

René gets his new name:

René eating a chip:

Japanese style:

René helping with ghetto scanning:

René in the jungle:

Search for “René” in the search field and you will find even more posts with photos of him.

16 thoughts on “René Our Eclectus Parrot

  1. Sorry to hear about the parrot. Fully understand the size of the bill and how quickly it adds up. Austin cat was probably at least $4K by the time it was over.

    • Our older kitties vet bills are really adding up these days. But they are worth it for all the comfort and enjoyment we get out of them!

  2. Hey Tim .. I read the posts. What a beautiful bird and such a shame that it was left in such a state. I’m so sorry to hear that rene is unwell .. I do so hope that he can be helped and will be well again soon.

    • We aslo have African Grays and the eclectus is not nearly as smart as the Grays, but he is smart enough to be really fun and he’s very loving.

  3. What a beautiful bird ~ wishing the best for Rene…the power of pets, now there something very powerful as they help connect us to what matters. Wishing you all the best.

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