24 thoughts on “National Cat Day

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Yes it is Rosencrantz. And sadly enough, he lost his fangs today. A little over a month ago, Rosencrantz attacked a dog that came into the yard, and I had a hard time separating them. I noticed in the last fweek he had lost weight and and had bad breath. I took him to the vet and his canines had been loosened, probably from fighting with the dog, and become infected and abscessed, so the vet had to remove them. I asked her if I had taken him in sooner if she could have treated him instead of removing his fangs? She said “No” that once they were loosened as much as they were, she would have had to pull them. He’s doing well, but now I have to give him two different meds for the next 10 days, so that’s three cats I medicating twice a day.

      • Sorry to hear Rosencrantz had a run-in with a dog and got hurt, although it sounds like he gave the dog a few lumps in the process. Give the old kitty a hug for us. He reminds me of my dear departed Mr. Beaucastel.

  1. Beautiful photographs of beautiful cats, Timothy! Someone told me everyday is National Cat Day. It wouldn’t surprise me…

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