Designer Darkroom


I painted the outside of the darkroom and put up shelves for storage of the remaining equipment and supplies that are still in the dance room. There are three photos of the darkroom with a view from the top of the step, a view from floor level and a fisheye view just for fun. In-between the photos of the darkroom, I have a photo of our sunflower forest, and a photo of Veteran’s Honor with grasses, our black bamboo forest and trees behind it.






11 thoughts on “Designer Darkroom

  1. I know you are loving your darkroom! It looks great.
    I love the sunflowers and the roses, and just seeing how things look after all the changes made several years ago!

  2. This is so exciting to have this set-up!!! The fun of watching things appear…manipulating by hand and chemical…such creativity!!!!!! When did you say you last developed for yourself??P.

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