Hawk Flight



As we were driving home this afternoon at about 3:30 pm, I noticed a very large bird sitting in the top of a tree in the middle of a field. I made the left onto the ditch bank and drove back to where I got a clear view of the hawk about 500 yards away. I had my camera with the 70-200mm zoom lens in my bag in the back of the car, so I quietly opened the rear hatch, got out my camera, and got one shot of the bird looking at me before it took off. It flew off quickly and the sequence of shots was as fast as the camera would focus and shoot on the flying hawk in overcast light. The last photo is a panorama of all seven frames I got of the hawk before my autofocus couldn’t distinguish the bird any longer. I added an effect to the 4th photo in the series which is supposed to mimic a gum bromine print. The photo ended up with a softer focus than the other images and the effect brought the most detail out of the softness, and it ended up looking somewhat like a pastel drawing.















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