Da Bruski Stare



The rain and cool whether made Da Bruski frisky this afternoon. After taking WCW’s cigarette and arguing with him about it, he gave the photographer Da Bruski “stare challenge” better know as “mad dogs”. Before leaving Lindy’s, Da Bruski challenged poor Santa, who, in his good natured way, ignored Da Bruski and smiled for the camera with his kind, sympathetic eyes. No one was safe after that, and Da Bruski even mad dogged the poor pink Brontosaurus that stands in front of the Gizmo Store greeting people who are walking along Route 66 in downtown Albuquerque. As we made our way back to the office, Da Bruski saw his reflection in the dark glass of the Bank of New Mexico building and challenged himself — for all I know he’s still there seeing if he can get his reflection to back down.