35 thoughts on “Soaring

    • I don’t often see them circling like that. They are usually flying in a straight line from one tree to another. Thanks, Brad.

      • Beautiful how the warm air and rising current lift these birds to soar.
        Stunning images.

    • What fun. I did hang gliding with a friend’s hang glider when I was a teenager. Thanks, Rudi.

      • Realy ?? Wauw, hanggliding is quite different form paragliding. Higher speeds, longer distances and a much beter angle of glide.

      • I rarely see hang gliders these days. They use to jump off they top of the Sandias and they could ride the thermals for hours. It was dangerous and a few people were killed when they got caught in a downdraft that slammed them into the mountains. One guy got sucked up in a thunderhead. When the thunderhead let him go, his glider landed with him still holding on. He was frozen stiff. He probably got pulled up to 30 or 40 thousand feet (9 to 12 thousand meters) in that cloud and he died from not having enough oxygen and freezing conditions.

      • Hang gliding, as well as paragliding, is not devoid of a number of risks. Especially the rapidly changing weather conditions in the mountains can be very treacherous. A good knowledge of meteorology is therefore very important. Those who end up in a CB indeed have no chance of surviving. Every year there are pilots who take too many risks with all the consequences that entails. I myself flew for 7 years and luckily I stopped without accidents. Fortunately, I can look back on this period with very nice memories for myself.

  1. Wow! Love that you were able to capture so many images of this handsome fella. I’d be thrilled to just spot one, never mind photograph it!

  2. They are beautiful photos, Tim. We have more turkey vultures gliding around out here than hawks in my area, but they do seem to love playing in the thermals, too.

  3. That cooper appears to be zeroing in on the kill. Hope those mice and young snakes in the area were keeping at least one eye to sky.

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