Vacation Is For The Birds

Hops from branch to branch
Looking out for predators
There’s a Cooper’s hawk

Perched on iron arch
It sees prey over yonder
Oops, prey flew away

Like a ball of fluff
Imitating angry bird
Winter is so cold

On the river’s edge
Dining on Russian Olives
Big seed to swallow

Oh, they want to fight
Bumping bird breasts, flapping wings
They showed each other

58 thoughts on “Vacation Is For The Birds

    • Probably not to my normal schedule until after the new year. Laurie said I had to take another break from the break to post the birds. Thanks, JYP.

    • It’s a beautiful hawk. He was posing for me and waited for me to go get the bazooka to get closeups. Thanks, Heidi.

  1. For some reason this post notification did not come through email and I a only picking it up through the reader. I enjoyed the birds very much. These are beautiful shots.

    • WP is weird about that. Some things I only see through the reader and something I only get an email notification and never see the blogger’s post in the reader.

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