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  1. Your image is neat as their spacing is so similar, and wonder why those three were not accepted in the group and told “you three go over to THAT line”. A fun capture, Tim.

      • It is appalling TImothy. Here, people can no longer afford to heat their homes cos of rocketting gas and electricity prices, that’s been another mortgage rate rise , every week ..and I go the best value supermarket, the one that has come out top here that way and there’s 10 p on every thing. Now fine if you are buying 2 things but that is a few quid on a weekly shop. But it is more than that . That 10p is the least that is one every thing, every week. The first two things I lifted the other week??? They added up to 2 quid more And it is every week. The shit show extends beyond that, worldwide about so much more than that I am going to shut up now but it is shocking.

      • And I’m afraid it’s going to get worse. The overpriced used car market is crashing. Along with the real estate bubble out here. After people couldn’t get new cars because of the covid induced chip shortage, the value of used cars skyrocketed. I was getting a lot of solicitations from dealers wanting to by my 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF up until August. I checked my car’s NADA value (the official price guide banks use to value car loans) in July. It was $32,000. That’s more than it cost new and $10K more than I paid for it in 2019. If I would have had another car to drive, I would have sold it in July. I checked just now, and the current value my car is $19,000. Which is what it should be, me thinks. That’s a 40% reduction in value in six months. While it’s good the car and real estate markets are correcting themselves, it’s not helping consumers much because of the inflation you are complaining about, and interest rates going up. People who need cars and houses still can’t buy them.

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