35 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. This is an amazing image as it can be seen two completely different perspectives – looking up into the sky or looking down at a boat in the ocean. Me likey.

    • Interesting perspective. I hadn’t thought about a jet boat. Totally TimKuKu if the exhaust from a jet boat rests over you. Thanks, Brian.

  2. A beautiful contrail catch on blue sky canvas, Tim! We get a lot of north-south contrails here with Portland and Seattle to the north, and San Francisco and LA to the south. Can’t see any right now with all the mists and cloud cover. A heavy mist just crept over the hill like a large slug, and has settled in here. Wait 5 minutes and it all changes again.

    • Chemtrails to some, contrails to most of us, I see lots of them over me daily. They can be a simple streak like this photo or amazing patterns filling the sky. I happy you notice contrails, also. Thanks, Samantha.

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