61 thoughts on “The Gods Are Crazy

      • Your statement reminded me of the movie, “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” hence the comment. : ) It is so beautiful! I am sorry for not updating about my and everyone’s Murph. He had another appt. 11-28. I’ve been very busy & am having media issues. I really want to show pics of what others may want to or should see. He is alright. I’ll resolve things and post soon. Hope you, Laurie and the kitties are well. I’m trying to catch up on post reading.

      • You got the reference to “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” Excellent! That was a fun movie. Media issues suck. Good to hear Murph is alright. I’ll be on the lookout for an update.

  1. I love the photo. I am not sure if the orchid is opening its wings and coming to get you, or if it is shouting with glee at the sunbeams illuminating it. It does look like there is a little sentient being of some sort at the center.

  2. Took me bit to take in that entire scene – as all good pictures do. That produced one awesome looking pupil – get the feeling of the Mind’s Eye.

  3. Terrific!
    Is that superimpose?
    I’ve been wanting to do superimpose for awhile.
    Do I need to buy a program?
    I have an Ap on my phone, but who can manage such a mini visual?

    • Not superimposed. Sun shining through the south bay window. If you have a graphics program that allows you to lay one image over another, adjust opacity, or remove portions of the top layer, then you don’t need to buy anything. If you consider buying a photo editor, look at affinity photo. Thanks, Resa.

  4. There are two types of orchids, land orchids and epiphytic orchids. Terrestrial orchids can live without ‘hitchhiking’ on other plants or can live on the ground. Epiphytic orchids, on the other hand, have flesh roots and grow on other plants. Certain types of orchids are easy to care for even when placed indoors. And it looks like you chose a ‘god’ who is lazy to leave the house, because it’s too early in the morning.

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