Santa Fe Riot 2009

Farm and Ranch Graffiti on a beached box car. In 1980, a riot broke out at the New Mexico State Penitentiary in Santa Fe, NM. It turned into the most deadly prison riot in U.S. history. The graffiti on the box car is a rather bold reminder for us folks who remember the Penitentiary riot.

32 thoughts on “Santa Fe Riot 2009

  1. I certainly remember the riot at the prison and that Bruce King and Alice went in there together, hand in hand, to see the aftermath. Ghastly.

  2. I remember “The Dead Files,” one of the paranormal shows on the Travel Channel did an episode at the prison. This the five-minute episode recap:

    I know there were fears of the NM riot spreading to the “Old Max” facility in Canon City. Dick Lamm, who was governor at the time, was reluctant to undertake any sort of contingency planning. I believe they put two shifts on duty at the same time when this happening.

    • One guy mentions the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. He did not mention the Spanish reconquest in 1692 and the subsequent execution of Pueblo warriors in 1693. The 1680 revolt started at the Taos Pueblo and I believe much of the fighting between the pueblo warriers and the Spanish in 1693 took place near Poaoque Pueblo just north of Santa Fe. The penitentiary is south of Santa Fe. Local radio celebrities spent the night in the old penitentiary one Halloween. They reported that the experience was super creepy. Thanks, David.

  3. Never heard of that riot before – I’ll have to go look that up. Are there tracks there, or is that car just sitting in a random spot.

    • It’s just sitting in a random spot. The nearest tracks are probably 30 or more miles from that spot. Thanks, Brian.

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