37 thoughts on “Love Bite Spunku

    • I have so many bloody scars from love bites and playful scratches. Sometimes the scratches are from rose bushes, but mostly kitties. Thanks, Susan.

  1. Reminds me of the first couple of months with poodle puppies – fortunately, they lose those razors fairly quickly vs those slicers cats maintain!

  2. I hope the pool of blood is smaller than it looks in the photo. Those kitties can get a bit excited when they play and forget our skin is not as thick as theirs.

  3. Excellent Spunku poetry! Were you the unlucky victim though? You have my sympathies. I wrote my own Spunku to cheer you up as you mend from your injuries:

    Treasure turns to junk
    when it’s been chewed up by Spunk.
    Don’t be in a funk!

  4. Oh my! Well, maybe you can sell Spunkie-Poo’s πŸ’‹art? I saw an article about Pigsasso, the painting pig. His people are making a killing.

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