65 thoughts on “sin🐾plehuman

  1. I’m sure you’ve known for a long time, as have I, that cats love boxes of all shapes and sizes. Nothing funnier than a big kitty curled up in a tiny box, hanging out all around.
    And I agree with Lavinia—Spunk is handsome, and when you got it, you flaunt it.

    • Thanks, KT. We always have a joungle of boxes for the kitties. Any new box and they are on it or in it immediately.

    • There’s a great big box our new outdoor sink/cabinet combo came in taking up a lot of room on the deck. I haven’t broken it down because the cats love it. They claw on it, play on it, and lie on it all the time. I’m waiting for them to get tired of it so I can break it down and take in off the deck, but they are still using it.

  2. Gotta love Spunk! Yanno… our newest member, Omelette, has some Spunk in her. She is so bloody destructive. Wa have these faux-leather (read, ugly, falling part) chairs that she is taking pleasure in climbing on and ripping off pieces. They will be heading to the trash bin when I redo my kitchen but I don’t want this bad habit to continue! She is such a brat. Too cute for words, but a brat nonetheless…

      • When he gives us his sweet “Spunk eyes” they are hard to resist. He’s really good at manipulating or should I say catipulating us.

      • They are very intelligent and know exactly how to get everything they want. They are amazing and much more spunk, without a doubt 😊🥰

    • Thanks, needhamb. Spunk is a professional model. He’s had to do a lot of modeling over the years to pay for the expensive things he’s destroyed.

  3. Egads! Ecats!
    Spunkie-Poo 💋 is gorgeous!
    Jeep is here, warming herself on the computer, dreaming dreams of Spunkie-Poo’s 💋 sin🐾plehuman

    • He’s such a Ham. Maybe that is why he is also a pig cat, eating all the time. Thanks, Resa. Oh. Spunk sends Jeep a virtual kitty kiss. Give J & J hugs for us.

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