Got Fuzzy

“Hello Paparazzo! Hello World! I’m Fuzzy.”

“Mama is so soft and snugly.”

“The morning sun is a little bright.”

Nora Owl: “Are you happy Paparazzo? You finally got to see Junior!” I am delighted! Thank you Nora Owl for showing me and the world your precious little one.

As you can see Nora Owl finally allowed Fuzzy to show his cute little fuzzy face. What a delightful Easter to meet Fuzzy. Fuzzy was very happy snuggling up against Nora Owl, smiling and moving his head from one side to the other.

74 thoughts on “Got Fuzzy

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I thought it was the perfect Esater gift. Fuzzy is so adorable. Easter Bunnies? Meh! We have Easter owlets.

  1. Oh, this is so perfect! Fuzzy is cute and adorable. But your relationship with Nora and the other Bosque owls is amazing.

    • Thanks, Susan. We should be seeing owlets from Mama Owl in the next three weeks or so.

    • Not much choice on social distancing with her about 15 feet up in the tree. Thanks, Mary.

  2. Awwwwwwwww….. Fuzzy took his first peek!!!!! How wonderful is this! I adore those photos! If only wish I could reach those fluffy ears for a pat!
    Now that’s a Happy Monday greeting!

  3. Oh! Tim you did marvelous work here. Those shots couldn’t have been easy to get, yet the lighting and detail is splendid. The owlet is so absolutely squeee that my head might explode!
    By the way, I was awfully late to the party, but I just caught your recorded interview with Rebecca Budd. It was nice to listen in to the conversation.
    Hugs on the wing!

    • Thank you for listening in, Teagan! And thank you, Tim for generously sharing your insights on blogging! Sending hugs on the wing to you both!

      • Teagan comes up with great, creati e comments and we have done some rally cool collaborations.

    • Thanks, Teagan. I’m happy you liked the interview. Fuzzy is just really way too cute and will get more adorable.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I think Nora would rather me whisper that jabber on to her in normal voice.

    • You are welcome, Tiffany. Good question on siblings. In 2019 Nora had one owlet we names Virginia. Previous years she had three owlets. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Oh! They’re so cute! I am so happy Mama Owl introduced her babies to you (and to us too, by the way)! It’s wonderful, and your photos are too!

  5. Woohoo!
    How sweet it is! And mama…. whoa, she looks fierce! I wouldn’t mess with her.
    Love owlet season. Thank you, Tim!

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