70 thoughts on “Saturday’s Flowers

  1. The assortment of blooms is very beautiful, Tim. How has your seasonal rainfall been? We are not getting what we should up here for this time of year.

  2. Thank you! Beautiful flowers! That’s why Spring is my favorite season. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Nice to have some color. We’re about 2-4 weeks behind. Tulips and hyacinth have already popped out out of the ground. Patches of green in the prairie grasses.

    I think I may know the answer, but what’s the purpose of your Laurie returning to the classroom? After all, the school year is almost over. Up here, classroom instruction has been nothing short of a disaster with the constant start-stop cycle. The kids really don’t learn anything when it’s classroom for 2-3-4 days, then back to online for two weeks because someone tests positive, and happens again when classroom resumes. I suspect neither side, D’s and R’s, know what they’re doing, and neither does public health because they are making decisions without any empirical data.

    • Hi David. The answer is very simple. The governer ordered all public school teachers back to the classroom. That includes charter schools.

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