58 thoughts on “Hummers Over Trouble Waters

    • Hi Dale. The hummingbirds, swallows and bats all fly over the water to get gnats and other insects that swarm over the river and ditches.

  1. Such amazing shots Tim. Is there anything more beautifully delicate than a hummingbird ? so delicate it can hardly bear its shadow. I put a hummingbird feeder out but I haven’t had any this year. This may be the first time I’ve seen them over water. Lovely and mystical.

  2. Never heard about hunting hummers before, but how could a family of birds with such speedness-skills not developp some insectivore species, for taking chances in difficult areas?

    • Hi Laurie. Ours pick around the roses and bamboo. I assume they are going for thrips off the roses, I’m not sure what they are getting off the bamboo.

  3. They are beautiful little birds. Our hummers have shown up in the trumpet vine, although there are no blooms yet. They must be finding small insects.

    • Hi Lavinia. Our hummers love the trumpet flowers. They’ve been checking out the butterfly bushes that haven’t bloomed yet.

    • Like most any industrious critter, they will whatever they can to survive. They probably eat insects in San Diego, but it’s not as obvious with all the flowering vegetation.

  4. Wow Tim that is incredible shooting. I too, did not know that they ate insects. It makes sense though. It almost looks like he came close to getting his bottom half in the water. Hugs to you and your sweetie. πŸ€—β€οΈJoni

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