Lola: 1/1/2009 – 6/2/2020

I would wake up every morning with Lola lying on my chest smiling at me and purring.

I brought Lola home to a full moon rising over the Sandias on April 3, 2015. I buried Lola at sunrise this morning June 3, 2020. We had five wonderful years with Lola. Lola was doing the best she could with her rheumatoid arthritis, and we were doing the best we could treating her with steroids and Gabapentin, but she succumbed peacefully last night.

Lola originally belonged to our neighbor. They got her when she was about a year old in 2010. Lola used to spend a lot of time at our house because the neighbors had dogs that bullied her, and our neighbor’s didn’t like cats as much as dogs. We ended up taking Lola after our neighbor’s moved to New Zealand. Moving in with us was a dream come true for Lola.

Lola helping me with cleanup after the raccoons ransacked our outdoor kitchen in 2011.

Lola was always a Catzilla type cat. She never liked other cats much, but she loved people.

Lola was a really good sport and a good kitty model. She actually seemed to like my limp celery on cats project.

She was often surprised by Spunk’s magic tricks:

We really miss Lola. Rest in peace Lola.

80 thoughts on “Lola: 1/1/2009 – 6/2/2020

  1. I had a feeling this was coming sooner than later, Tim. I will miss Lola, too. She had good years with you and Laurie, but has now joined the Greater Universe as its newest citizen.

  2. Tim and Laurie, so sorry for this loss. She had the best home and was loved. RIP, Lola…

  3. So sad To hear about Lola, Tim and Laurie. She was a beautiful and sweet kitty.

  4. So sorry to read this sad news about Lola. It is always so painful when a beloved pet passes away. You never get used to it and it always leaves you behind heartbroken.
    You wrote a beautiful tribute to a very beautiful and adorable cat. Lola will be in our hearts forever.

  5. So very sorry to hear about Lola. She was a brave fighter and dear being. We lost her mirror image at the weekend, a black beauty called Iggy. They do leave a huge, empty space.

  6. Oh how very sad for you to say goodbye to Lola. She sounds very lucky to have landed with you, Timothy, and you sure did know her well. Peace and gentle sweetness to you in this sad time.

  7. I’m so sorry for you and Laurie, I know how difficult losing a pet can be. God bless Lola’s beautiful little soul. Holding your home in a vision of love and compassion.

  8. We are going to miss sweet Lola. Tonight when you look at the moon… look at the star close by. She will be that special star in heaven… waving down to you and saying she now has a closer look at the moon.
    Sending you and Laurie a hug.

  9. Timothy,

    Please accept my deepest condolences for Lola who had THE personality. Catzilla, and magic getting the Cat prints folder open to immerse and nap in her regality. ?? She was something, huh?! Her pictures and expressions and personality and eyes and your reminiscences give me the impression she had Presence As Architecture, full-boat being.

    May your memories be blessings. I appreciate your heartfelt eulogy for Lola. May You and Yours memories of Lola be blessings.

    Sending Silences Nodding to Lola,

      • You’re most welcome, Timothy. I feel for you as I had a cat with that level of personality. It’s not the length of time, but their presence and just… dayum, that they’re their. I’m remembering Merc (Mercurius) here. I feel for you. I feel for you.

      • All of our cats have excess personality. We don’t know if we attrack weird kitties or our weirdness wears off on them. Maybe a bit of both.

      • I agree to BOTH. 🙂 That’s a rockin’ reciprocality. Good problem to have. Merc was a little, 12-lb Bruce Lee. Once took down a 120-lb Rotty. That was quite an experience. Him no worse for the wear, and the baffled neighbor owner wide-mouthed in disbelief… “Careful with that jaw dropped look. Cat might get your tongue, too.” 🙂

      • We had a Manx kitty who broke up a fight between to Rottweilers. The Rottweilers were stunned by the viciousness of the cat. Our old Rosencrantz slipped out between Laurie’s legs and took down a German Shepard who had followed us home. After we tracked down the owner of the dog, and the poor thing had to pick up her clawed up dog. Kitties can be a force.

    • Thanks, Gabriela. We are really sad to lose her. She was our most realible cuddle kitty.

      • We are. Thank you for asking. I am worried about Maya. It’s a fight to give her the medication. We are going to leave on the 8th. I have a student who is going to house sit and take care of Maya. But every time I leave her I get so worried. All things considered, I am in a better position than you are. I am so sorry about Lola. I had a Persian cat too. Her name was Leila. I found her in the streets in the worse condition possible: sick, half of her hair gone, etc. I got her in the car and took her to the doctor. We managed to bring her back to life. She was a beauty. Not too friendly. She was a Persian. They are Queens. Yet she never made a full recovery. After three years she got so sick that she needed IVs every day. I just couldn’t put her down. Every day I was taking her to the hospital for her IVs. Till one morning… I will never forget that morning.
        Anyway, take care Timothy. Hugs to everyone.

      • We call the IVs waterboarding. We had to do it on many of our kitties. Stretch had kidney failure when he was only 4 years old. We kept him going with daily IVs, and he had a really good life, until he was 9 years old. We don’t have kitties put down. It’s much better to let them die where they are comfortable dying. Lola found a spot under the chitalpa tree where I found her dead. I buried her very near the spot where she died.

      • It is waterboarding. I did not put Leila down either. She curled under the bed and died there. I did not sleep that night. I was on the floor close to her. I am glad Stretch responded well to the IVs.
        ” Lola found a spot under the chitalpa tree where I found her dead.” Ah, Timothy… under the chitalpa tree … there is pain but there is peace too in this imagine.

      • I don’t think she suffered much. She just decided she’d had enough and it was time to go. Laurie said Lola had a bite to eat at 3:00 pm, and then went outside. When I got home from work, Laurie said she could not find Lola. I looked all over for her and finally found her under the chitalpa tree.

  10. Oh, I am so sorry, Tim!
    Lola was a beautiful kitty, and you were very good to her. I believe she had a good life with you and Laurie. It’s very emotional for me when pets pass. I remember all of my babies, vividly.
    I checked out all the links. What a great tribute.

    Limp celery on cats project! LOLOLOLOL. For sure you are half mad, in a good way. LOLOLOL
    I saw some fab shots of Jeep’s boyfriend, but this is about Lola, so I will leave it at Lola.

    Again ,heartfelt condolences!

    • Thanks, Resa. I really appreciate it. Lola was our best snuggle kitty. Limp celery, cats, art… They all go together.

      • Thank goodness you had limp celery in there, or I would have actually cried, instead of just feeling choked up.

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