26 thoughts on “Quicksilver Syringe Sucker

    • Hi Lavinia. The one is still sitting. Others are hooting a lot at night. We checked the nest up north but couldn’t see an owl sitting, but I don’t know how deep the nest is in that cottonwood.

    • It will all have to remain a mystery. I wouldn’t touch any of that stuff. Thanks, Cindy.

    • Hi Tiffany. I installed evacuation maps in 350 dorm rooms from Monday through Thursday. Most were vacated, but many had all kinds of strange things left in them. This one was the strangest.

    • Hi Gloria. The black thing is a thumb drive, I believe. The quicksilver is mercury and the syringe has mercury in it, also. There’s a bag, a screw, and a lollipop.

  1. Quick, put them in a time capsule, and bury them. In 100 years, someone will dig it up and say, “Ah, Quicksilver Syringe Sucker.” LOL!

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