When Bruce came in this morning he showed me a photo of this spoon and syringe he saw in the alley behind the office. The alley is very busy with pedestrian and vehicular traffic, but when I left this afternoon, the spoon and syringe were still there, unmoved, like a broken cross.


Chasing Hotspots


I had another biopsy, the second this year, and this one was a real pain in the neck, since the “hot” lymph nodes they biopsied are in my neck. I suspect the hot lymph nodes are more reactive from allergies and congestion than they are cancerous; however, we can’t ignore hotspots and need to chase them down and see what they are made of. I think they may have been skimping on the lidocaine to save money, because the area they biopsied was never very numb and I could feel everything they did. ¬†On top of that, I have very good peripheral vision, so even though I had my head turned to the side and was looking at the wall, I could see as the doctor lowered the needle and then I could see the top of the syringe as the doctor moved it up and down and around to get the tissue samples. Needles to say, my neck is very sore.

The heavy rain we had was welcome, but not the hail as it pretty much ruined our vegetable garden, and stripped off a lot of leaves from other plants. The hail cut an oriental lily in half, leaving a cross section of the flower, and the last photo shows what’s left of our corn, beans and melons.