Badger Baskets


Badgers are dangerous, and so is Badger Basket furniture. As you can see from the warning label below, failing to follow the badger warnings can result in serious injury or death. Just like with warnings from live badgers. Fortunately, Spunk, Sasha, Lola and I survived assembling the Badger Baskets.

The deadly warning label.
Sasha and the Badger Baskets (Hmmm! I sense a new rock group in the making).
Spunk again.

24 thoughts on “Badger Baskets

  1. I always enjoy seeing the kitties…Today I also enjoyed seeing all that New Mexico Piñon Coffee and the blue cornflower Corning Ware (just like I still have:-).

    • Hi Susan. NM Piñon Coffee has changed the way they are doing things. They have greatly reduced the number of flavors available. They also run out of the seasonal flavors rather quickly these days, so when they have a seasonal flavor Laurie really likes, I buy several bags so we have it for awhile.

    • Hi John. Yep. It’s NM Piñon Coffee. If you like flavored coffee beans, they make some of the best.

  2. I am relieved that you guys made it out OK. Looks like the Badger Baskets really are death trap, according to the label. The cats have proved themselves to be all-around adults capable of handling life-threatening situations.

    • I didn’t think those baskets would be so dangerous, but I should have known with Badger in the name. Kitties are always a great help. Thanks, Tiffany.

    • Hi Holly. Sasha, Spunk and Silver were involved in assembling the the Badger Baskets. Badger Basket is a name brand for cabinets like that.

      • I ordered the badger basket from Home Depot. I think it’s supposed to be a sweet badger, but obviously, from the warnings, it’s a sweet, but dangerous badger. BTW that is two units stacked.

  3. Will Spunk and Lola be in the band?
    Will they do a rendition of Lola, by the Kinks?
    Will there be meowing and purring on the tracks?

    • You are giving me ideas, Resa. Søren does a version of Lola by the kinks. I’ve tried to record him but he’s bad about letting me record him.

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