36 thoughts on “Sun Flower Frost

      • Well… any stage of a tree is useful in story telling.
        Nightly frosts suck.
        I hate winter. Still, bare branched trees with snow upon them look like lace.

      • It would be nice if we got a little snow this winter. Often we get very little or non at all.

      • Oh!
        Well, I hope you get a little snow.
        Temps are plunging here tonight.
        I’m hunkering down… working on my next Art Gown.

      • Stay warm. We have a heater under the counter where we sit to work. We get kitties lounging on the warm countertop. They go into various stages of cater-mortis enjoying the wamth.

  1. Tim, this is a brilliant idea for a composition. It looks positively otherworldly. What you did to the background sets it off perfectly too. I like the cold winter grays with the amber-gold of the petals. Breathtaking. Hugs on the wing.

    • Thanks, Teagan. I took the photo in telephoto zoom with the lens aperture wide open, so the background is completely out of focus, and the reflections coming off the frost on other plants appear as large, blurry circles. The effect is called “bokeh”, and lenses are evaluated on the quality of bokeh they produce.

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