13 thoughts on “Lonely Leaf

    • Hi David. I think it was hoping the wind would blow it over so it could party at Party City, but it was stuck on the rear window. It was still stuck there when I got home. Sad.

    • Hi AmyRose. The leaf is stuck on the back window of my car. We got rain (a little rare for these parts) and the leaf stayed stuck to the back window when I drove to the store. I thought it was an interesting image under the lights in the parking lot. The lights and sign are reflections in the window.

      • Definitely a very cool picture. It is an illusion if you ask me. I just loved it! Never would I have guessed it was stuck on the back window of your car.

      • That’s always a nice surprise. I wonder how often we see the allusion but don’t realize it. The allusion is the reason we were drawn to take the photo. But chance is a huge factor in photography that adds interest.

      • I happen to agree with you. It’s more then likely the illusion itself that draws us even if we don’t see it right away. I get this feeling that something is there and I’ve learned to follow that feeling even if I don’t understand. It’s all in the hunch. Love chance as well. That’s what makes photography an adventure!

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