Now What’s on the Tele?


Laurie saw this cute Western Hognose Snake in the bedroom, and called me in to catch it. I presume Sasha brought it inside since she was in the bedroom when Laurie saw the snake. It showed no bite marks or other signs of injuries.

When Sasha brings lizards in the house, they are rarely injured. She is very gentle with the critters she catches. Likewise, when Silver catches bunnies and gophers, he carries them like a mama kitty carries kittens. He often brings his catches inside, so I end up chasing bunnies and gophers all over the house before I get them out.

Mr. Hognose was very calm, felt right at home, and he was very cooperative doing a photo shoot on the Train Tele. If you missed the original “What’s on the Tele?” post, you can see it at



32 thoughts on “Now What’s on the Tele?

    • Hi Lavinia. Hognose are the best snake models. The will hold a lot of different positions. As you know, when they are accosted outside they will play dead if they can’t escape. Once they’ve been handled, they seem to figure they’re safe, and won’t play dead.

  1. So cool! Yep, my cat brings us her “tropheys” to admire, and she is usually gentle, not always. We have corralled quite a few Opposoms in the house, not brought in by her, but she never objects to them entering, odd.

    • Hi Tiffany. You have opossums? I see their range skips over the southwest and they are found all along the west coast. Your cat is smart not to mess with them. It looks like they can be quite fierce. Our cats are smart enough not to mess with raccoons.

      • Oh yes, we often have opossum and raccoons right here in our house! They come right in the cat door all the time! We have had several take up residence, lots of stories! Iโ€™ve seen my cat take down a jackrabbit, but completely ignores the opossum eating her food!๐Ÿค”

      • Our cat door to the outside world is only open during the day. They have 24/7 access to the catio. We used to get lots of raccoons begging at the sun room doors, but we don’t seem to have as many raccoons these days. We don’t have as many skunks either. I think the great horned owls have really reduced the number of raccoons and skunks. We have lots of good skunk and raccoon stories from over the years.

  2. Makes me laugh! So great! Herbert brings in a frog from the courtyard. Plops her down and watches her enraptured, I join him, and then return froggie to the courtyard. He searches for days in the courtyard, and brings poor froggie back, always unhurt, so the cycle repeats.

  3. A snake in the bedroom…?? Thank goodness I live in another part of the world where cats bring mice and grashoppers in the kitchen…

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