26 thoughts on “Exoskeletons

  1. That’s crazy cool! The first time I learned that spiders shed their exoskeletons, I was working in a pet store and went to feed a tarantula, I was shocked to see TWO of them in the cage! It took me a while to figure out!

  2. Dead skin is pretty from some things, reptiles among them. I hear odd statements blurt forth from myself. I have grown to accept this. Cicadas make one of the beautiful sounds of summer! I loved to collect their shells. I always thought it interesting to see where each individual chose to begin anew!

    • I found interesting how many there were and they leave a bit of personality behind, as every shell is different. Thanks, Dawn.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. It’s not surprising you haven’t heard of cicadas. There is only one species of cicada in England, Cicadetta montana, and apparently it’s really rare.

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