42 thoughts on “1965 New Mexico Chevy

    • HI Robin. You’re not an idiot, especially if you are not familiar with New Mexico. It’s really subtle. Think about rain, which New Mexico generally has little of.

      • My wife couldn’t find it either, and said it wasn’t at all obvious. I’m a little miss leading by saying one thing is missing, when it’s actually two that work as one. The perils of language, communication and the lack there of.

      • No windshield wipers is subtle. Bruce said he went to check out your blog to see what kind of self proclaimed “idiot” you might be. He was very impressed with all your recipes, and that you have time do it all. He said you are no idiot.

      • The one guy I thought would see it right off emailed me his guess β€” he was wrong! You don’t need to feel like an idiot.

  1. I may well be an idiot too, but I’ll claim foreigner status as my defence Your Honor.
    Last Sunday we had our annual car and motorbike swap meet….lots of classic American cars from the 50’s and 60’s all exquisitely restored to original condition. I suspect you might have enjoyed it.
    Oh yes, after your hint, perhaps the car has fewer than the requisite number of windscreen wipers.

    • Bingo! I’m always surprised by how many nicely restored classic American cars are to be found in other countries.

  2. That’s a super cool Chevy. Looks like the right side wiper is missing. Otherwise, it looks perfect!

  3. I was going guess something obvious … like no front plate, something I’ve seen on every car from NM in CO. Clearly, the Chevy stays inside a garage most of the time with the lack of wipers. You don’t want to be caught driving this jewel in a monsoon cloudburst.

    BTW, I saw the blue NM plate today. Very different from the standard yellow.

    • Hi David. It has a front plate that says 1965. It rains so little and for such short spells down here, that “we don’t need no stinking windshield wipers.” The blue plates are common and they’ve been around for years, I’m surprised you hadn’t seen one before now. The “Chile Capital of the World” plates are really popular.

  4. Great looking car…!! That’s something I like about the US of A, the love for classic cars. And no, I didn’t spot the missing thing on the car…

  5. I was going to say missing windows, but was wondering if they were just rolled down. Missing windshield wipers makes more sense. (I read comments). That colour is not too, common. It seems like a sunny place colour. These “can you guess” posts are fun!

    • It was one of the fist tings I noticed about the car. Weird how little things like that catch our attention. Thanks, Tiffany.

      • Got it too, Tim! No windshield wipers! The color was popular back in the 1960s. My Mom had an orange rambler! πŸ“šπŸŽΆ Christine

      • Thanks, Christine. We had a lot of Ramblers over the years in blues, whites, picks and yellows.

    • You have keen eyes, Teagan. Colorful classic cars is another enchanting factors of New Mexico.

  6. Very nice Tim. Yep, they don’t need wipers much in New Mexico. It’s amazing the work and money that go into restoring these gems. πŸ™‚

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