31 thoughts on “Hognose & Nails

  1. Oh wow! I love this shot! I definitely don’t see images like this one very often. This is cool! If it made sense to orient this vertically instead of horizontally I would probably want to use it as phone wallpaper, but when I tried looking at it sideways it didn’t look as good. Great job, Tim! Rock on!

  2. Wonderfully typical of the Price household. 🙂 Was that a little guy you rescued from one of the cats?

  3. This is a striking picture, Tim! And I’ve come to admire all the various patterns on snakes and the way they look when they move.

    • Thanks, Leah. Hognose snakes are interesting. Depending on their habitat, they take on the colors and patterns of venomous snakes in their area. This one is a Western Hognose. It’s similarly colored and patterned like a prairie rattlesnake. Eastern Hognose snakes can have color morphs in oranges and reds like copperheads or blacks and grays like water moccasins.

  4. Oh my goodness Tim. I love her nails but the snake I have to say I would not hold a snake. I have my own way of dealing with them here in Oklahoma. Love this a lot!

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