Come Out Virginia

Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

The first line of Only The Good Dye Young, by Billy Joel, is “Come out, Virginia, don’t let me wait”. When I checked on this mama owl that has a nest in a cottonwood about a 3/4 of a mile north of us last week, it was cold and the owlet was trying to get under its Mama; therefore, all I got were photos of its fluffy tail end.  This afternoon Mama was sitting on the edge of the nest, and I could see the tip top of the owlet’s fuzzy head. Since the binomial name for Great Horned Owls is Bubo virginianus, I borrowed the line from Billy Joel and said “Come out, Virginia, don’t make me wait.” As I changed my position under the cottonwood, I saw an eye peak out from one side of the “V” at the edge of the nest. From there, the owlet and Mama got into a variety of cute poses for me. They we quite animated in the bright, hot sun.












43 thoughts on “Come Out Virginia

  1. So many great owl images! I think the ones in which the owlet shows both eyes are my favorite in this series. Fun!

    • Thanks, Susan. The owls next door have at least one owlet, also, but I could only see the top of its head this afternoon.

      • Love these Mama and Baby owl photos, Tim. How amazing to see them so close and to be able to catch the photos!

  2. Nice pictures! I would love to see an owlet… you made it possible for now.

    And like you told me… you have been blessed.

  3. Amazing photos, Tim!! I can’t wait to see them also. How wonderful to live with the owls! Thanks for sharing the post.

  4. What wonderful photos, they’ve started my day off with a smile. And the Billy Joel track brings back memories, too. Thank you.

  5. How amazing and adorable!!! I hope you can keep track of the baby when it grows up. I’d like to know what happens to Virginia.

    • Hi Mia. I’ve only seen one. It was out of the nest last night and I did not see evidence of another owlet in the nest. It also seems like the owl south of us might have only one owlet this year also.

      • I’m not sure. Last year two pair, which I assume are the same two pair, had three owlets each, and all six owlets survived long enough to leave the nests. We saw the three owlets to the north regularly through November last year, and then we didn’t see them as much after the cold and dark set in. By that time we couldn’t really tell them apart from the adults unless they peeped at us.

  6. Tim! These are absolutely amazing! How in the world do you get such brilliant images?!? Wow. The owlet is as precious as they come. I love how they were keeping an eye on the crazy human taking photographs of them 😉 How sweet! These only make me love owls that much more. So glad you shared these photos! ❤

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