Wearing Out

Loki giving me the paw through one of the holes in the hammock.

This is the first hammock I made for the kitties. I added a second hammock not too long after hanging this one so the kitties didn’t have to wait so long the do their hammocking. The second hammock also cut down on the cat fights for the hammock. Now both hammocks end up in use at the same time, so the kitties will still line up to wait their turns, and they still fight over the hammocks when hammock hogs spend too much time in them. Sadly, though, the first hammock is wearing out and it won’t be long before it’s mostly bare threads and I’ll have to replace it.

26 thoughts on “Wearing Out

    • I have another 20 pound bean sack to replace it with. I would like to put two more hammocks on the other side of the room. I haven’t figured out a good solution for them to get up and down from them on the other side of the room.

  1. This is such a fantastic idea! I love how you designed those. Loki looks adorable just hanging out, relaxing in own personal paradise. Adorable!

  2. Hi Tim, like Ron, I’m thinking new hammock soon! Only because my kitties would be through that in a heartbeat, they’re destructive thread pullers! Loki looks incredibly comfortable.

    • Hi Mia. They seem to like all the holes and bare spots. Marble plays with her tail through the holes and bare spots. She comes up with the most creative ways to play with her tail. I’ll get a new hammock up soon.

      • Cats are amazing, if you buy a toy for them, they’re not interested. I love that you have provided them with all sorts of interesting and cool things to get into.

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