B-24 Liberator


The B-24 Liberator was used heavily in WWII. It was a fast, long rang bomber that carried a heavy bomb load. Airman considered it difficult to fly, and preferred the B-17 Flying Fortress; however, the powers that were during WWII liked the B-24, and commissioned around 18,500 of them over a five year period between 1940 and 1945. Whereas, only 12,731 B-17s were produced over a nine year period between 1936 and 1945.


This B-24, named “Witchcraft”, was flown by the 467th Bomb Group in WWII, which flew a record 130 combat missions during the war.


Despite so many B-24s being produced, Witchcraft is the only B-24 in the world that still flies. It has been fully restored, and is kept in flying condition by the Collings Foundation of Stowe, MA.



18 thoughts on “B-24 Liberator

  1. That is very cool! I hate war, against the idea, but it exists.
    I did a movie for Showtime… while back… about the Vietnam War. I came to adore the patches. Back then I could read fruit salad, but as time goes by, I forget a lot.
    Anyway, I have a WWII field jacket with all the patches of the divisions that served in Nam. It was a story point. I can still name most. I definitely have faves!

    • Hi Resa. That flight jacket sounds like it’s super cool. Do you have any art gowns inspired by the 40’s or Nam?

  2. i remember that my mother told about hearing the airplanes in the night on their way from the UK to Hamburg in north Germany. May well have been B24’s.

  3. Nice post. Years ago the Collins Foundation paid a visit to a local municipal airport in Concord California. Not knowing what to get my son for his 21st birthday I bought him a ride on this plane. I still have the video that he took.

    • The rides on the bombers are reasonably priced. The rides in the P-51 and P-40 are very expensive. Thanks, Paulie.

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