Owl Season’s Underway


A couple we often see in the bosque, told me they had just discovered the nesting place of a pair of owls last night. When I got to the nesting area a few minutes later, there were two owls to be seen — a larger owl in a cottonwood, and another, smaller owl, in an elm tree next to the cottonwood.  The larger female was out taking a break, I presumed.  She was hooting up a storm on her perch in the cottonwood. The smaller owl was perched on a limb, a silent sentry, very alert, guarding the area.   The sun had been down for fifteen minutes or so, forcing me to bump up my ISO to 3200 to get a somewhat sensible shutter speed. As I was photographing the owls, a chorus of coyotes started howling from the undergrowth all around where I was standing beneath the owls. The scene became surreal as I was standing in a small clearing, darkness falling all around, the owl hooting from above, and coyotes yipping and howling in surround sound.

Hooting. I wonder if you pushed up on the tail feathers of a Great Horned Owl if it would hoot.
She spies something in the distance.
Ready. Set…
¡Hasta la vista!

24 thoughts on “Owl Season’s Underway

  1. Dark, with hooting owls and howling coyotes? Eons ago I spent a summer working on an Oral History Project in Western Oklahoma. There, the interpretation of the scene as described was very different from the 2019 Bosque Dweller, photographer, and blogger. 🙂

    • Hi Resa. There are no owl nests in your cottonwood, because there are no hollow places for them to nest. However, the owls like to sit in your tree and hoot. They often serenade us all night long hooting from your cottonwood.

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