Beavers, Splashes, Cranes, Owl @ Dusk

“Is that a two legged lady with that stupid paparazzo? I better swim a little closer and see.”
“It sure is. Oh crap! I see the whites of their eyes. I think I’m a little too close to those characters now.”
“Just swim away calmly. I have an urge to splash.”


“Who Splashed?  Oh! I see. Warning! Two legged lady and stupid paparazzo.”



“What are those silly beavers up to? Geez guys, those two are out here every night.”


Owl looking at the afterglow on the horizon.



Jupiter (the white dot) was under the moon this morning.

18 thoughts on “Beavers, Splashes, Cranes, Owl @ Dusk

    • Hi Harry. We are getting large temperature swings it was -2.8º C yesterday and the same this morning, and it was 18.3º C yesterday, and forecast to be 19.4º C today.

  1. Neat post!!! That white dot under the moon is amazing. That you know it’s Jupiter is even more amazing. You must be an astronomy aficionado!

    • Hi Resa. We follow the morning and evening stars and planets. I have to look them up to make sure I get their positions correctly.

  2. Oh wow so much to see in your photos. I love them Tim. That owl seems to like you I think. 😀 😀 You have a lot of wildlife around you. I love that.

    • Hi Michelle. We have so many owls, it’s had to tell which is which. They like to sit up in the trees and hoot back and forth to each other. We often get 5 or 6 owls all in different trees hooting in surround sound.

      • Yes that is when they are hunting. If you notice the hoots get closer and closer till they find their dinner. My Pa taught me all about wildlife animals and you walk during their dinner time. Once I was standing in the woods and I heard this hoot really close and I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. I left because I wasn’t sure what else was out there with me. LOL

      • Hi Michelle. I’ve heard people say they are triangulating prey when hooting to each other, but I think they just like to hoot at each other, as well. We often see two owls sitting right next to each other hooting away in an owl conversation. I have seen owls on low branches surveying the ground, not making a sound, and suddenly swoop down and grab a mouse or other prey.

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