Towhee Troll

Towhee Troll: “Who’s that clomping along my trail?” Paparazzo: “It’s only I, a mild mannered paparazzo!”
Towhee Troll: “What’s the pass phrase PAPARAZZO?” Paparazzo: “Hmmm? Good question. How about ‘I’m a lot bigger than you’?”
Towhee Troll” “@$&#*£∂©å¥ paparazzo! Close enough. Pass on by.” Paparazzo: “Thank you Mr. Towhee Troll.”

13 thoughts on “Towhee Troll

  1. I really like the spotted towhees. I have them up here, but they really try to hide. This is another example of how comfortable the animals on the bosque are around you.

    • Hi Susan. They are normally pretty flitty, but this one was quite bold. I was about 10 feet from him while he was doing his trolling along the trail.

  2. We have them up here, too. They are interesting and beautiful birds. I am glad he let you pass. 🙂

    We had a freak windstorm up here last night. It destroyed the little greenhouse on the porch, so I’ll be doing some cleanup today.

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