8 thoughts on “Najar

    • Najar is a girl. She was our smallest kitty until we got Marble, who is about the same size, so we call her our little girl kitty. Although she’s small, she’s extremely fast and can be quite ferocious when protecting herself from the big kitties who bully her. She’s like a little night fury dragon, like Toothless if you saw the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.

      • Ah, yes, cats can be bullies! However, it’s an instinctive survival of the fittest thing with animals. Humans have a choice.
        My Jeep is a “little girl kitty”. Johnny, her son grew up to be a behemoth, a big baby. He wants all of her spots, and will go so far as to just lay on top of her.
        I haven’t seen “How to Train Your Dragon”. I look it up now!

      • When we got the three kittens, Loki, Silver and Marble, they started stealing Najar’s spots, and since there are three of them, they can occupy most of Najar’s favorite spots at the same time. Makes Najar especially disgusted. “How to Train Your Dragon” (the first one) is exceptionally good for the genre.

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