14 thoughts on “Bottom Dwellers & Redneck Ways

  1. Hi Tim, quite a day you had. I hope the refrigerator situation has a resolution that’s not too inconvenient, and I hope all the bottom dwellers survived. Nice photos, I really like the baby blue tailed lizard. Have a good evening.

    • Hi Mia. The new refrigerator will be delivered tomorrow. I suspect the water will be turned back into the ditch in the next day or two. The blue tails are really pretty.

      • Hi Tim! Congratulations on the arrival of the new refrigerator! Hopefully everything went smoothly. Maybe by now there’s some water in the ditch too! Please have a wonderful afternoon.

      • Hi Mia. The delivery guys said they appreciated the analog type refrigerator we bought. They said the other ones they had to deliver that day were bigger, heavier and more complicated (water, ice makers, WiFi and all the frufru stuff I don’t want in a refrigerator).

        There was a couple of inches of water running in the irrigation ditch tonight — the bottom dwellers were happily crawling around, celebrating in the shallows.

        We also helped with a rescue porcupine tonight. It was a young one that had been hit by a car, and taken to the vet. The vet called our neighbors who help with wildlife rescue and asked them to take it and release it in the bosque.

    • The refrigerator arrived first, it’s not cooling sufficiently, so a replacement will be delivered on Monday. They’ve been running a little water in the ditch. The bottom dwellers are happy swimmers.

      • OMG!! A fridge that doesn’t cool proper is yet another sign of the times. This might sound crazy, but I’m happy for the bottom dwellers.

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