8 thoughts on “Storming on a Friday Night

  1. Oh Tim, this is an amazing series of photos! I do love my tree, it’s a stunning capture with the various shades of blue clouds behind its silhouette. The lightning strikes are something special, are you setup and waiting for them to happen?

    • Hi Mia. I just stood on the levee and when I started to see a flash, I tripped the shutter. All hand held. Normally when I shoot lightning, I have the camera on a tripod, stop down the lens, open the shutter on bulb until I see a flash or two and then close the shutter. I have also set the camera on top of the car and used the bulb setting. This was the first time I got lighting hand held trying to sync with the lighting strikes. I think I held the camera to my eye for almost an hour. I missed most of the lighting strikes during that time.

      • Tim, they’re amazing photos, even more so being that they’re hand-held. That’s a lot of lightning and a long time to hold a camera to your eye. Thank you for sharing these photos.

      • Thanks, Mia! I was walking up and down the ramps on the levee trying to get floors on my fitbit (we use the ramps for stairs since we have no stairs in the valley), but it wasn’t recording the floors, so I decided to go for lightning instead. Trying to capture lighting hand held is very frustrating, but the time spent on it was well worth the effort.

    • Thanks, Julie. I didn’t need the raincoat. There was rain and lightning all around, but we didn’t get rain. When the thunderheads are building up, and I take a rain coat, it usually doesn’t rain. If I don’t take a raincoat, it will most likely rain.

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