Graveyard Cats


I’m posting on WordPress tonight because Zenfolio is having issues so I cannot get to my site.

We went for a long walk out to the northeast side of Paris today. On the way we visited this small cemetery, and noticed we did not see any rats running around. As we were leaving a kitty came out from some bushes and we could see that behind her were some kittens. I walked over to take a look and the kitties had a little house that two of the kittens ran into when they saw me. One stayed out on the ledge long enough for me to get a few photos. While the mama kitty would not let us get very close to her, she didn’t run away, and the kitten that was following her around was adorable.







18 thoughts on “Graveyard Cats

    • Hi Marc-André. I just found your comment in spam. Tell me what I need to do to do a guest post.

      • Very simple. Drop me an email to and I’ll add your WordPress account as a contributor and from there you can submit posts as you’d normally do in WordPress. ^^

        And it can really be anything cat related like this post. 🙂

    • Hi Teri! I don’t feel very much at home in cemeteries, which I think is a good thing, but is was nice to see quick little kitties among the dead on our way out.

  1. You and Laurie needed kitties today, I guess. I guess a few places in Paris need some too. That little kitten IS adorable! (I was cussing at Zenfolio all day today. Whatever it is, I hope they get it fixed sooner rather than later!)

    • Thanks, Susan! It was nice to see kitties, especially such cute kitties. We have not seen any other cats around Paris. Zenfolio still won’t open for me.

    • Hi Mia. They were just really cute kitties. We are having a great time. There are so many people and long, long lines at the main attractions. So we are doing things that are a little more off-beat with the few days we have to be tourists.

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