9 thoughts on “TBA

    • Hi Mia. “I see you shiver with Anticipation!” as Dr. Frank N. Furter put it. The light is too low to get much besides silhouettes when the bats are flitting about, but in these shots the bats were close enough I could bring out hints of details that made the silhouettes look much like abstractions from an MRI or ultrasound.

      • RHPS is a good one. I saw the movie not long after in came out when I was a teenager in the late 70’s before people started going to the movie dressed up and acting out, which was really popular weekly at the art theaters here in the 80’s. I saw a wonderful live version of it in the 90’s at the Kimo Theater in Downtown Albuquerque.

      • I think the Kimo, being a small, intimate, historic theater built in the Pueblo style, adds a lot to the specialness of live performances.

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