8 thoughts on “Two Doors Down…

    • Hi Teri! I don’t know “whack a mole”, but it sound very inappropriate for cute owlets.

      • It’s a game where little “mole” things pop out of holes, you whack it with a mallet to win tickets for prizes. But never for cute lil fluffy owlets.

    • Thanks, Mia. They were super entertaining last night. There was 10 or so of us on the ditch bank gawking at the owlets. One of the owlets was out of the hole in the tree, the other two were poking there heads up to look at the adoring crowd. Mama owl showed up with a snake and the owlets tore it apart and ate it. About 15 minutes later she was back with another critter for the owlets to devour, but we couldn’t make out what it was as darkness was engulfing us. We spent so much time being entertained by the owlets that we didn’t start our walk until almost 9:00 and got back home after 10:00.

      • Tim, it sound like it was a terrific evening. I’m amazed by the amount of wildlife there is where you live, practically in your backyard, sometimes it is in your backyard. It’s always a pleasure to see your photos of the local happenings.

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