10 thoughts on “Repo Man

    • Thanks, Mia! I asked the Downtown Action Team guy driving the truck if he was repossessing shopping carts and he said he was.

      • High Mia. I remember many years ago shopping carts were locked together and you had to put a quarter in the lock to release a cart and then when you returned the cart and locked it to the line of carts you got your quarter back. That system didn’t last very long. Those carts in the pickup truck are miles from the nearest stores they belong to.

      • High, Tim. I don’t recall ever seeing the carts for a quarter, refunded when returned. The carts do have a way of wandering far from home. I think we have a penalty if your have a cart in your personal possession, though I don’t know if it’s enforced.

      • Now I would think that most people who could afford to pay the fine for having a shopping cart in their personal possession would most likely not have a shopping cart in their personal possession. But then again I’ve known to be wrong about things like that.

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