LaBeouf & the Back Side of Route 66


Shia LaBeouf installed a live feed video on the west side of the El Rey Theater at Central Ave (Old Route 66) and 7th Street in Downtown Albuquerque as part of his anti-Trump campaign…  Continue reading and see more photos at

7 thoughts on “LaBeouf & the Back Side of Route 66

  1. So -this same person was kicked out of NYC recently near Trump Towers? Who is dividing whom and from whom or what? THAT is/THOSE are the questions – perhaps I should show up with a sign to that effect!!! And in some of these inane instances…who cares? Seriously. What say YOU Mr. Tim?

    • I think he’s been in trouble over more than the NYC thing, but I haven’t followed it very closely. It was a pretty calm, small crowd at Shia’s installation this afternoon. I checked the live feed after I found the article. People were just standing there looking at the camera, a young woman had a jambox in her hand playing something while she stared into the camera — super dull — My ADHD let me watch the feed for all of about 5 seconds.

      There seems to be a phenomena I noticed when we lived in Spain years ago. The legitimate protestors are being usurped by thugs and criminals who are currently using anti-Trump rallies, anti-Trump art installations and anything the media doesn’t like, and the media is sympathetic with, to spread their violence and destruction, and trying to make it look like it’s for a real cause — but in reality they just like to hurt people and destroy property.

      When the media starts showing as much outrage over the anti-Trump violence that they show for Trump, then the violence may subside. But as long as the thugs and criminals have a sympathetic media, they will feed off of it.

  2. I believe it is in somebody’s best interest to keep people engaged in things that result in no good outcome. Nobody can divide anybody if they don’t go for it. It is so much hatred on the media, like pouring oil in fire, drip by drip, and there are lots of people who believe everything being true as it is shown. Lack of healthy judgement is very much present nowadays. It is a crowd philosophy which takes people out on the streets. The real issues are completely different from what we are seeing. The real issue is that only 8 people (families) control all of the world’s financial wealth. That is a really dangerous matter.

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