2014 in Review


When Najar saw the stats from the Word Press “2014 Year in Blogging” she had covered her face. The other two photos are of Spunk trying to win over Najar. That’s an “Evil Schwa” behind Najar.

Word Press gives cutesy analogies about the number of visits to people’s blog’s, like how many times the Sydney Opera House would be sold out from the number of views a blog got in 2014. But let’s get real here! The music video “Gangnam Style” had so many views it broke the counter on Youtube. My blog got 0.00001231161485 views as a percentage of Gangnam Style’s current total views. Which means the number of views my blog got in 2014 stinks, and is statistically insignificant. A more fitting analogy to make my crappy numbers look better would be that the Men’s Room at the top of the escalator at the Louvre has 12 stalls. The number of views my blog got in 2014 would have filled a Men’s Room in the Louvre 2250 times.

I find the top five blogs each year are much more interesting. In 2014, Espresso Fino was number 1. The second most viewed blog was Zipper Spider from 2011. Zipper Spider has been in the top five every year since 2011. The Beauty And The Beer was number 3 in 2014, which came as a surprise to me. But apparently a beautiful woman with a beer is the perfect combination. Number 4 was Portrait of a Young Woman, and Day of the Dead came in at number 5.

Happy New Year!




34 thoughts on “2014 in Review

    • It’s true I tell you. She has taken over the shelf where I normally keep one of my cameras and headphones right next to my computer. She watches me work on the computer and covered her cute little face when I brought up the blog’s 2014 stats. Happy you got a good laugh out of it. Thanks, Miz Shaaz!

  1. My favorite is the Portrait of a Young Woman. Reminds me a lot of the Sharbat Gula photo from National Geographic. Different mood and circumstances, but just as captivating! Great capture, Timothy!

  2. Now Tim… 🐱 … I don’t know what the numbers are, but i expect they are great. When I looked at some of the ones shared with me my usual reaction was “You go!” For my own, I’m just surprised whenever something goes over 6. But i do find it interesting. Probably would be useful if i had time for the marketing part.
    Happy New Year to all of you.

    • Thanks, Teagan! Yeah! If we were being paid for every view the stats would be important. They are fun to see, but I could do without how many time I would have sold out the Sydney Opera House. Happy New Year.

  3. If it’s any consolation, Timothy, this is one of my favourite blogs!
    Happy New Year! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

    • Thanks, Herman! I being sarcastic about the stats because I think they are meaningless, and the analogies are silly. If I got paid per view the stats would be very important.

  4. =D Now I will have to calculate how my blog compares to Gangnam Style because that is just so amusing. Like you, I just don’t care about stats. But cats and spiders! That’s something to care about …

  5. Desks are primo catnapping spots. Lots of paper for nest building and the like. 🙂
    Happy 2015!

    BTW: About those WP annual reports, my blog visits were compared to riding a full, SF cable car.

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